Our Philosophy


Sports to Solve Global Issues

« Mission » represents the one of Global Skippers. We believe the power of sport and realise to solve the social issue through the sports.


A Fresh Future

« Vision » means ideal society through the achievement of Mission
We make an effort toward the society that young people can take more responsibility and that people can live imposingly.


Believe, Act and Achieve

« Principle » is the guide of action toward the achievement of Vision.
It means « Believe » – Believe the fellows and yourself – , « Act » – Take Action for your goal – , « Achieve » – the goal of association and yours – .

Administrative Staff

Yuta Mizuno

Much like how sports moved people’s emotions all over the globe, leaders who will shape the future of sports will be those who will influence people and societies around them regardless of where they are.

We cannot think about Japan’s future of sports and society without the rise of such young Japanese leaders. Without a doubt the Global Skippers, with so much potential, will clinch opportunities to change the world together with their fellows. It is an honor for me to be able to contribute to the platform supporting these bright industry prospects.

I wish to witness the Skippers becoming “one of a kind”, not “one of them”.

Corporate lawyer at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, one of the major Japanese law firms, and mainly engaged with in cross-border transactions. Attorney-at-law admitted in Japan and New York, USA. Member of the Planning Committee of the Japan Ice Hockey Federation. Completed an LL.M. at Stanford Law School in 2018, and worked at Cravath, Swaine & Moore as foreign attorney after graduation.

Tax, Accounting
Hiroyuki Kondo

“A organization IS its people”

This phrase increasingly resonated with me in my experience of business management, and made me realize that human resources is the most valuable aspect of an organization. Experience in sports play a large part in a person’s personality, and I am honored to be part of this group as I saw the importance in supporting younger talent in fulfilling their potential.

I wish for the members to exert positive influence to people around them and also develop their own philosophy to realized growth in their own area.

Serving as Director at Kondo Accounting Firm since 2016. Certified tax accountant since 2013. Joined Kondo Accounting Firm in 2010. Graduated Chuo University from the faculty of commerce. Completed grade school at Toin Gakuen.

Admin – Jin Takechi

The bigger a dream is, it is easier for one to doubt themselves or become hesitant in its persuit. That is when a group of like-minded people can help and push each other to continue forwads.

I truly believe that this type of encouragement is what can make or break a person. Consequently, I strive to make this organization an environment where Global Skippers can access a fellowship of like-minded people and replentish energy to go the extra mile in their endeavors.

Currently responsible for strategy and business development spanning across multiple projects including Artificial Intelligence technology at DRAIV with Representative Director Nakata. Involved in spectator services planning and operations at the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee. Overlooked sports operations and venue performances for B. League Kyoto Hannaryz team.

Foundation Supporter – Masashi Obata

I supported the founding of Global Skippers since I deeply empathized and shared the vision of Nakata : Developing Japanese talent for the global sports industry.

Although I come from an utterly different industry, I have always been pursuing an internationally professional career to date. I understand that it is extremely important to hold ambitious goal and nurture passion from a young age.

It may be hard to find concrete steps in reaching for aspirations for many, and I wish Global Skippers to be a community where members can help each other to strive for excellence and realize their goals.

Completed MBA at INSEAD Business School in 2019. Over 10 years experience in energy industry with a focus on petroleum and natural gas at Mitsui & Co. Graduated from The University of Tokyo faculty of economics.

Media Advisor

Naohiko Ueno

Organization Profile

Organization nameGlobal Skippers (General Incorporated Association)
FounderHiroshi Nakata (Representative Director), Kumi Fujisawa (Founder & Chair of Steering Board)
ObjectiveGlobal Skippers is a platform to accelerate young leaders to change the world through sports
ActivitiesAcceleration Platform for young leaders under 25;
• Leadership development
• Promoting an understanding of global and local issues
• Making community to connect with global leaders to accelerate their challenge in global sports fields.
Steering Board Members・Naonori Kimura (Managing Director & Partner at Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.)
・Mamoru Taniya (Chairman & CEO of Asuka Asset Management, Ltd)
・Yohei Shibasaki (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation)
・Hideyuki Hata (President of ONE Championship Japan)
・Jingo Kikukawa (Director, IT Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan)
Administration staffJin Takechi
Foundation2020 June