Online Global Skippers Meeting
「Let’s “Zoom” into the activities of kyohei and Jindo 」

On 8 April, Global Skippers organised the first internal online meeting. It aimed to understand the activities of new members, Kyohei Yashiro and Jindo Morishita, and advice so that their activities are more valuable through the discussion between Global Skippers and Advisors.

Jindo, former football player in Indonesia and Zambia, presented and discussed the issues of his medium-term goal, to be a professional player in Afirca and exceed Honda Keisuke as “ultimate” challenger.

Kyohei,as a CEO of Emostyle Inc.  explained his business of Sports Lab, a social media service dedicated for sports news and discussed tips for the sucess of Sport-tech company.

This meeting is really important for us to know the members’ sights, thinking and issues deeply. We will continue same kinds of events focusing on the activities of Global Skippers members in the future. Here’s the link of the resume of the presentation below.



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