Online meeting with young leaders from 8 countries

On 16 May, Global Skippers organised an online meeting with 13 Young Sports Makers of Global Sport Week, a French annual conference about sport industry and social development, called « Sports Davos forum ». 

The 2 topics were discussed such as  “Power balance of IOC, Sponsor and Japanese Actors” and “The background of the postponement of the Olympic Games”. Through the discussion, Global Skippers could spread information with Japanse sight to the international sport field.  The questions posed in the discussion were below.

・ What does Kenta in France think about the different information about the Olympics between European journals and Japanese one ? 

・ Do you agree/disagree that the Olympics Games should be organised in 2021 ?

・ What brings this postponement for next Olympic Games ? 

Young Sport Makers are favorable for the next meeting, so we plan to organise that again in August. 

Kenta IWASAWA from France


Sport Daybreak Ing. 

Following the postponement of Olympic games, Our fellows of Global Skippers (GS)  and  Young Sport Makers(YSMs) , young leaders of the sport industry as part of “Global Sport Week”,  had an opportunity to discuss Tokyo 2020. 

GS held the e-meeting “Sport Daybreak Ing.“  on 16 May.  At a time 9 members of the GS, 13 YSMs, and 3 advisors participated in this meeting. As a part of that, two representatives of GS did a presentation about the current situation about the Olympic Games. After that, we discussed our current situation. 

This meeting aimed first contact between YSMs and GS in order to know each other.  Also, this was the opportunity to publish the current situation of the sport industry in Japan especially for Olympic Games. It’s because I always felt, as a foreigner staying in France, that less information about Japanese sport industry is published by Japanese people in foreign languages, even though Japan is one of the important countries in the international sport industry as a country organising Olympic Games.  And I noticed there are several members in the association working with the Olympic Games.  Then I was wondering if some members of the association publish the information about the current situation through their experience. That would also be a great opportunity for Young Sport Maker to discover ”what happened currently in Japan”. 

During the presentation, Kasho explained about the power balance between IOC and organising sidesi of  Olympic Games such as an organising committee, NOC and the host city, which don’t have really influence when making the decision about Olympic Games. And also, he described the different types of publication between European journals and Japanese ones. 

Ken proposed the different types of the sights of the postponement of Tokyo 2020.  He explained well why Japanese stakeholders  hesitated to take the decision even though most countries thought the postponement or cancellation of Olympic Games was inevitable. Given one of the examples, the company  Ken works at  had to re-negotiate the commercial contracts with all stakeholders following the postponement.  

Comments from Daybrakers  

Here’s some outcome from the participants about the meeting below. 

During discussion time, it was surprising  that many of YSMs expected  that the Olympic Games in 2021 should be organised and be an opportunity to show the new model case of international sport events for all over the world. 

From the discussion, we were able to find that the case in Japan was covered and recognised differently in other countries and it was interesting to see the gap. ( Yoko YAMAGISHI ) 

Looking back on the meeting from the presenter’s point of view, I was surprised to find that everyone had a more positive view of the corona situation than I had expected.

I had prepared the data in anticipation of a white-hot discussion, but I was happy to see the meeting move in a more constructive and friendly direction. The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will show us how Japan will respond, what to expect from technology, and how to watch sports in the future. As a member of the event management side, I would like to do my best to fulfill their expectations.Furthermore, I was shocked to find that very little information about Japan is known outside of Japan. We would like to take this opportunity to convey the current situation of sports in Japan. That’s going to be the role of GS. ( Sorachi KASHO) 

Toward next daybreaking… 

According to the questionnaire, all participants of YSMs  respond that they would like to participate in the meeting again if the same meeting will be organised in the future. Therefore, the next meeting will be organised for sure, but we plan to organise  with different topics next time. 

Even in difficult periods, Japanese young leaders  always take action. 




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