Yoko Yamagishi

Digital Media at International Olympic Committee, The Wimbledon Championship, Liverpool FC, International Tennis Federation

BSc Sport Management, Loughborough University, UK

AISTS Sport Management

Born in 1996


Being in charge of digital media at IOC, The Wimbledon Championships, Liverpool FC, International Tennis Federation

AISTS Master of Sport Management from September 2020

Based in UK since 2015

She’s been balancing both her studies and professional experience during her time at Loughborough University

She undertook the placement year at iSportconnect, one of the biggest sport business networking platform.

My Passion to Sports

Although I was never an athlete, I took a leap of faith and moved to the UK when I was 18 purely because of my passion for sports as a fan. Since then, I have had the opportunity to be involved in numerous mega sporting events, which includes my work experience at the Olympic Games for three years.

I am attracted to the vast possibilities and the power of sports which can unite people regardless of their ethnicities or cultures, and close its gaps. Although the beauty of sports is gaining recognition due to the industry’s rapid commercialization, I am concerned that its growth has also created issues that may question its inherent values. I want to tackle such industry challenges so that the values of sports can be directly utilized to improve the wider global and social issues.

My Dream and Goal

Soften the Olympic System to be more inclusive and approachable for every organisation and individual interested in sport, so that it can continue existing as the strong international leader which offer effective solutions for the global issues

Kenta Iwasawa

Master student of International Sport Administration in University of Lille

First Young Sport Maker from Japan as parts of Global Sport Week

Born in 1995


Get involved to the master of International Sport Administration as a first Japanese student from 2018

Working for local administration in the nothern part of France ( Région Hauts de France ) and I’m in charge of the project about base-camp for Olympic games in 2024. I organised the business trip in Japan in October with vice president of the region. At a time, I participated the meeting with Japanese represents of sport federation and of the embassy of France as an interpreter.

Being Selected first Japanese “Young Sport Maker “, young leaders in the sport industry, as part of the event “Global Sport week” and participated the session about the transformations of Data and sport with represents of Atos, Bundesliga and Zwift.

My Passion to Sports

One day at the beautiful Grand-Place in Brussels, I just happened to perform an acrobatic move. What I have done was not particularly impressive but it caught the attention of a 100 people and in no time, a crowd gathered. This spontaneous but magical moment was when I realized that sports has a mysterious draw that can excite people and bring smiles to their faces regardless of their culture and the language that they speak.

I am currently based far from home in France, but one thing that I keep getting reminded of is the support I receive and the amazing relationships that I create through sports here. For me, it is a home away from home. Eventually, my goal is to be able to contribute and work towards a society where sports can help someone find a sense of belonging as it has done for me and elevate them to achieve their dreams.

One crucial reason I decided to leave Japan and kickstart my sports business career in the France is because I can learn the perspectives of industry leaders, not only in English but also in French; this is important for me as both are widely used languages in the IOC and many international sporting bodies. France will take up after Japan in hosting the Rugby World Cup and Olympic games in the near future, and I believe there are a lot of opportunities for creating synergies and exchanging knowledge especially in learning from each other’s unique sports culture. I sincerely look forward to be a bridge between the two countries in the near future and lower cultural and language barriers.

My Dream and Goal

Make better society as an ambassador (Agent) , where everyone in the world can dream what they’d like to achieve and laugh through sports

Kyo Furuta

Keio University School of Medicine / 6th grade

Former captain of the rugby team at Keio University

Born in 1997


I started playing rugby when I was five years old.

I played for the 2019 Keio University Rugby Football team and became the first captain of the school of medicine in 120 histories.

I am in my sixth year of clinical training at Keio University’s School of Medicine.

I am using the philosophy I learned through rugby to study to pass the national examinations to be an independent person as a doctor and I also want to create a better world for many people.

In 2018, I established the “K-Project”, a cross-organizational activity within the Keio University Athletic Association.

Our mission is to create a new future for college sports through cultural creation, human resources development, revenue generation, and athletic performance with the mission of “creating exciting moments by students”.

My Passion to Sports

I have been playing rugby since I was five years old and have since then transitioned to studying medicine full time. It does leave a hole in my chest after leaving something that I have spent so much time on, but till this day, I still am in awe of athletes of any sport.

Regardless of it being at amateur or professional, I see sports and the competition between athletes as a clash of raw emotions. Almost as if it is an exchange, the spectators brazenly display theirs as well in support. I believe the strides in modern technologies will not be able change this fundamental principle but accentuate it even more on the contrary. My immediate work does not have direct connection to sports, but I hope to explore opportunities that allow me to be involved in one form or another.

My Dream and Goal

Creating a better world through the power of medicine・sports・leadership.

Kensuke Hirata

STH Japan KK – Programme Manager

Former Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee

Born in 1994


Native in English and Japanese, business level in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Graduated from The University of Hong Kong with double major in ‘International Business and Global Management’ and ‘Exercise Science’.

Was part of of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee Workforce Department. Involved in the implementation of the workforce management system and was responsible for the coordination of the Toyota venue volunteers.

Currently a Programme Manager at STH Japan KK to assimilate world class sports hospitality to Olympic operational standards.

My Passion to Sports

Sports is at my core and is also the source of my passion. Having played 17 years of tennis, 6 years of basketball, and experienced almost a decade of strength and conditioning, it is an integral part of my personal life. I met many amazing people through sports and some of my best memories reside there.

But I don’t want to keep this all to myself.

International sports competition is where athletes from around the world compete and display their physical prowess, but it is also the time where countless people all focus at the same moment and hold their breaths at the same time. It is where lifetime memories are created. My passion lies in extending the influence and increasing the quality of such sporting events. I wish to continue my involvement in the international sports events industry and bring more excitement to both sports fans and non-fans alike.

My Dream and Goal

To spearhead the development of an international sports event on a similar scale to FIFA World Cup.

Kyosuke Yashiro

Emostyle Inc. CEO

Kyoto University / Graduate school of Law 4th grade

Born in 1997


Entered the University of Kyoto in 2017.

In 2018, he worked with engineers and WordPress plugin development and release through an internship.

Founded the corporation in 2019.

Launched the wholesale marketplace ”Putimo”, but withdrew from it and I have been running current SportsLab since January 2020.

My Passion to Sports

I personally see tremendous potential in the Japanese domestic sports market.

Nowadays, the Internet has developed till the point where instantaneous remote communication became the norm. In such an environment, “live experiences” becomes invaluable and very soon, sports will be at the forefront of this movement.

Objectively speaking, Japan has been left behind by global sports industry trends, but I wish to bring it up to speed through my work in my start-up. I aim to create technological solutions in the sports industry that can link the physical with the virtual and enhance the experience that you will have at the stadium with your friends and loved ones.

My Dream and Goal

To get listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange as a sports tech company.

Atom Scott

Research on human behavior modeling and sports data analysis methods
at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center, AIST

Born in 1997


Born in 1997 in London, England. Graduated from the International Secondary School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University. While studying data analysis methods at the University of Tsukuba’s Faculty of Information Science, in charge of analysis for the football team won the intercollegiate soccer tournament and the Kanto League.

Accompanied the president of the University of Tsukuba and board members on a visit to the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center study with an AI startup from Tsukuba City, Preferred Networks Inc Sports x cutting edge, such as research on sports using deep learning (internship) at widely active in the field of technology.

Currently working at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center of AIST, where modeling human behavior in sports, and also a member of the Sports Research Center. Data analysis methods are being researched (since 2018).

My Passion to Sports

I am interested in two specific areas regarding sports.

First, is deciphering the equation of incredible athletic feats. I want to identify the X factor beyond raw talent and countless hours of practice and effort put in mastering their craft.

How are the best players different from other players? How can they improve and grow further?

These questions eventually led me to my academic field where I currently attempt to use science and big data to find its answers.

Second area of interest is in the application of sports science to improve social health. The Game theory approach, which is commonly used to analyze sports team strategy, can be applied further by utilizing biomechanics analysis to assess human movement and providing a science based suggestion to improving physical ailments of the average person. I believe advanced technologies in computer vision and sensing currently under development can also give back to the society eventually through similar application.

I wish to pursue excellence in these two areas, not only supporting elite level athletes but also in elevating the general quality of life of the people around myself through research of sports science and data analysis.

My Dream and Goal

Build a system where I can fund and conduct good research in sport and apply it.

Mai Egawa

Second grade at Sophia university (Faculty of global studies)

Belong to Haka team at New Zealand embassy

A member of A-GOAL project(local sports hub supporting project in Africa)

Born in 2000


I’ve been to New Zealand for a year as a study abroad when I was in high school.

I belonged to the kapa Haka club and since I’ve experienced the Maori culture, I got opportunity to be a part of the Nga Hau E Wha(NZ embassy Haka group) back in japan and i did the opening ceremony performance at the super rugby which was against hurricanes and sunwolves in 2019.

I’ve been dreaming about solving the problems through sports in Africa since I was in junior high school. In 2018 when I was in high school I visited Rwanda and held Japanese traditional sports festival(UNDOKAI) and through that experience I learned that sports have huge power to change the world.

In my university, I’m studying about Africa and international cooperation. Also I’m working on some education projects in local school and teaching children the importance of having a dream through my experiences.

My Passion to Sports

Throughout my student life, athletic activity was the way to express myself. I made it my goal to serve in overseas charity work in middle school, and it was then when I decided that sports was what I would like to build the foundation of international cooperation on. Since then, my study abroad experiences and time in Rwanda has allowed me to slowly apply this concept and better equip myself for future projects.

Sports is a not a panacea, but I see the definite potential for it to solve and alleviate rampant social issues. I would like to further explore and debate the role that sports can play in people’s lives with/through Global Skippers.

My Dream and Goal

To let all human have their own dreams and let them go without any environmental issues or backgrounds.

Spreading UNDOKAI in Africa!

Jindo Morishita

FC MUZA (1st division in Zambian professional league) 2018 season

TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program 9th cohort

Born in 1995


Born in Okayama prefecture. Grew up in the Netherlands and started playing football at the age of 5. Took a year off in high school to play football in Jakarta, Indonesia. Enrolled in the College of International studies at the University of Tsukuba and played for the men’s football team. Took another year off from university to play professional football in Zambia, Africa. Signed a contract with FC MUZA, one of the teams in the Zambian Super League and began a career as a professional footballer. Passionate about studying the fields of international development through sports and sports for development and peace and experienced internships in various types of organizations in the field, mainly as a licensed football coach (JFA official football coach license level C). Started small businesses such as personal training and online English lecturing service. Participant of the Tobitate 9th cohort. Recipient of the 5th Annual Tobitate Study Abroad Award for Outstanding Performance, the Tobitate Special Prize, and the 2020 University of Tsukuba Alumni Award.

My Passion to Sports

Sports has the power to move people’s emotions, and this is affirmed by the number of people that has experienced goosebumps while watching international sports matches at least once in their lifetime. Knowing this, I am constantly challenging myself to become a professional athlete that can deliver such exciting and memorable moments to the world.

On the other hand, I saw through my academic studies that sports has a massive potential to play a role in international development. This is a subject that attempts to bridge people through sports from different backgrounds, professions, ethnicity, countries, and religion in tackling social issues such as poverty, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, sports cannot bring about complete peace to the world, but the bonds that you create through it certainly does make a world a better place and I strive to give back to the community wherever I am, however I can.

My Dream and Goal

My goal is to exceed Keisuke Honda as a professional footballer in Africa. Through this challenge, I aim to become an existence that can provide positive energy to my family and friends, as well as to society.

Makoto Yazaki

Panasonic Wild Knights Team Staff

Born in 1994


Growing up in Japan and the United States, Makoto has grown up as a bilingual. He started playing rugby at the age of seven and has come a long way until his retirement at twenty due to a sudden injury. His passion towards rugby has already taken him through management work at the Sunwolves, NSW Waratahs and Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Makoto currently works as a Team Communications Manager at the Panasonic Wild Knights in Japan

My Passion to Sports

When I started playing rugby in 2001, rugby was still a minor sport until the unprecedented success of the Japanese national team in Rugby World Cup 2015 and 2019. Their performance captured the vast public’s attention because it showcased their attitude and belief of the “ONE TEAM” spirit when they displayed their formidable team bond and character on the pitch. This also resonated greatly with the ‘5 Rugby Values’ of Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline, and Respect and for the very first time, brought the Japanese people together through the common understanding of rugby.

I firmly believe that these values also shaped me when I was playing rugby and is a big part of who I am today. I want to continually replicate Rugby World Cup’s success and its phenomenon in Japan, and ultimately link it to alleviating global issues such as discrimination, poverty, and public security.

My Dream and Goal

Become a member of World Rugby.

Utilise rugby values to solve global issues.

Japan to become Rugby World Cup champions

Sorachi Kasho

Involved in domestic sports events management and operation company in Japan.

Rwanda and Hachimantai City Host Town Project Agent

Born in 1994


I worked for the Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee as a mediator of the host town agreement with Hachimantai City in Iwate Prefecture. Support Team Rwanda by acting as an agent for Rwanda and Hachimantai until the end of the 2020 Games. I act as a bridge between the two parties.

I participated in the Global Master’s Program and studied and practiced sports management at the Utrecht University (Netherlands), the University of Johannesburg, and the University of Tsukuba (Japan).

I was able to make friends with people who are passionate about leadership through sports, living together, eating, and sleeping together.

In the domestic sports production, I am in charge of the torch relay operation and overseas invitations for the elite marathon race.

I am learning day by day how to communicate with domestic and international agents and athletes and how to manage the events successfully.

My Passion to Sports

Sports is ingrained into my DNA. A career ending injury, however, crushed my goal of becoming a basketball player when I was 20 years of age. I thought very hard afterwards about how to contribute and give back to what I really loved most even from the sidelines, and I sought answers.

Then, sport events that I attended in Southeast Asia and Africa opened my eyes to a new world where I saw firsthand where sports was a communication tool that indiscriminately united athletes and fans. I found my ‘answer’ here. I cannot forget this energy till this day and it drives me to expand its influence through my professional work.

Moreover, I have a soft spot for Africa and consider it my second home.

In the past, I had the honor of staying in Rwanda for 4 months at a friend’s place where they treated me like a family member. Rwanda has a beautiful blend of the new and the old, the ability to humbly embrace new cultures whilst preserving their traditions.

My dream is to host the first ever Olympic and Paralympic Games in Africa. I believe by doing so, Africa can receive its well-deserved attention, create opportunities for countries to flourish, and to a certain extent, level the economic playing field. I aim to be like Jigoro Kano, who was the first Asian member of IOC and played a pivotal role in bidding for the 1940 Tokyo Olympics (later cancelled due to WWII), in pioneering international sports movements.

My Dream and Goal

Through the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Africa, I deliver the worth of sports to the people who have not been involved.

I will improve a society where only vested interests and the privileged can be happy through sport.